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The Offshore Money Flow Solution

It’s become more and more difficult to bank in privacy these days, thanks to the witch-hunt of OECD and FATF under the guise of money laundering and terrorism. What a wonderful story to cover the real purpose of their; to take the privacy away from people, to control and to endlessly supervise!

Fortunately there still are a few opportunities left for us, who value financial privacy. These precisely planned strategies, which have been used for decades, have worked for people from all walks of life. For people, who has decided to keep what belongs to them and not to hand it over for greed goverments, ex-lovers, creditors etc. But no matter how good the strategy is, if you are a bigmounth and like to brag with your fancy overseas banking solutions, the cover is blown sooner than later. So keep your mouth shut and stay under the radar screen.

For the start, you need a so-called Pass-Through Account. The most important feature of this account is secrecy, it’s paramount. This account must be opened in a jurisdiction with a bullet-proof banking secrecy laws. Bullet-proof really isn’t the case anymore, unfortunately, as way too many so called tax havens have been forced to give away information. But it still is possible to open an anonymous bank account. Even if the banking secrecy laws fail under the pressure of “Big Boys”, the “bureau-rats” still don’t know who’s the owner of the account. So, you are safe from the very beginning!

This first account is the one you make known to your clients and business associates. You will receive all the incoming funds from and send the outgoing funds to the outside World. As the name says, and this is essential to remembet, this account is not to store money. Because of that, you don’t have to be too concerner about the long-term stability of the bank and jurisdiction involved. This fact enables you to use tiny, private banks, which offer the best secrecy and confidentally. Over and above you get the most personalized service!

The second account you will need, is called Stash Account. The most important feature of this account is stability. The Stash Account must be opened in a stable, first world jurisdiction and in a well known bank. This is the account you send your profits to as soon as they arrive in your Pass-Through account. You store your money here long-term, send it off to offshore investments or shift it into spend and savings accounts. The existence of Stash Account is a complete secret! You tell nobody! Never, ever!

The third account you need, is Spend Account. Here the accessibility is the key feature. Sometime you might want to withdraw your offshore profits in cash. Even if you have multiply income streams onshore, you must always be prepared for emergencies and have an access to your offshore funds. Because of that, you will open Spend Account at a bank that gives you the best selection of
debit and credit cards and also a proper online banking access.

When you have opened these three accounts, you are ready to start fighting for your privacy. And the best part is, that you can win the fight, really! It just takes a little research and the best partners.


Credit repair is as important as getting out of debt

Avoiding complications in credit repair is almost important as getting out of debt. When we have bills that were neglected simply because we didn’t have the money to pay the bills, or else we purchased items instead of paying the bills, we are in debt.

If you are considering a Home Equity Loan to get out of your current mortgage, don’t. Why? Simply because most Home Equity Loans get you deeper in debt and once you are obligated you will find the problem is more complicated than when you applied for the loan.

Lenders often target home owners with financial difficulties offering them high interest rates and making them believe it is a solution for debt relief. In most cases, this is where foreclosures come in, or selling homes come into place. The solution is only an option to get you in debt deeper. One solution then is for homeowners to consider the Reverse Mortgage Loans. This type of loan is often as equity against your home, belongings, and so on. The loan offers a ‘cash advance’ solution and requires that the owner does not pay on the mortgage until the end of the mortgage term or when the home is sold.

Most lenders provide a lump sum advance, a line of credit, or else a monthly installment to the home owners. Some lenders even offer a combination to the homeowners. This is certainly a good solution for repairing your credit, and building your credit to a new future. The downside is that Reverse Home Mortgage Loans often are more suitable for the older generation of people that have built equity over the years in their homes. Another disadvantage is that almost all home loans require upfront payments, such as title, insurance, application fees, origination fees, interest and so on. Therefore, it pays to ask questions and shop around before taking out another loan to repair or build your credit. Fannie Mae Home Keeper Mortgage Programs are one of the many that offer a Reverse Home Mortgage Loan.

Another option for paying off your debts and repairing your credit is to borrow the money from family members or friends. If you have someone that trusts you enough to loan you the money to get out of debt, it is often better than getting a loan. There are several options or questions you must consider before asking family members or friends to loan you the money to build or repair your credit. One of those questions should be the obvious. Can these people afford to lend me the money to get out of debt? Are these people kind enough to loan you money without putting high demands on you. Of course there may be interest involved, but remember they are loaning you money they could be spending on their own bills. Is it possible that you can repay the loan without complicating your situation further? Can I repay these people that loan me the money to free myself of one debt? How long do I have to repay the loan? Make sure there are no extra complications before asking friends or family for money to help get you out of debt.

One of the best solutions for finding a way to repair your credit is searching the options to make the money yourself. If you have a mortgage payment and struggling each month to make ends meet, you might want to sell your home. Many homeowners go for this option simply because they make more money in the long run. Once they sell their home they are often able to repay their mortgage loan and then take out a loan for another mortgage more affordable. If you decide to sell your home to repair your credit and get out of debt, be sure that you look around for the best possible solutions in order to prevent further complications.

Make sure you know how much is owed on your home before you set a price for resell. If there are any repairs that are minor or major, try to repair them first before selling. If you can’t afford to repair the home, try to do minimal repair so that you can up the price of the home you are selling.


Debt Counseling – Presents A Systematic Method Of Clearing Debt Load

It was my wife who first introduced me to debt counseling and I thought it would be just another agony uncle whom I would have to deal with. However, it was not late that I was proved wrong. It was through debt counseling that I survived the deadly debts to recount its benefits.

Debt counseling is the advice offered through experts on several debt related issues. Debt counseling has a two-pronged strategy. While the advice focuses on ways to counter the current debt load, the borrower will also be informed of methods to prevent debts from originating. Thus, debt counseling plays defensive as well as a preventive role.

The defensive strategy will be employed for situations where the debt load is sufficiently large. In my case, the debt load was substantially large. My personal savings and monthly income would have lessened the burden a little. But, there were other expenses too that needed to be paid through the same limited income. By channeling my income towards debt settlement, I would only have paved way for newer debts.

Debt counseling showed the way out. Large number of people in the UK owe their freedom from debts to debt counseling. In fact, the very first lesson that I learnt from debt counseling is that I was not the only person who had debts. There were many others who have even messier finances. The statistics are really appalling. How come so many people, belonging to so rich a country as the UK, be so vulnerable to debts? However, people do incur debts. A desire to have almost every material comforts, often pushes people to spend rashly. On most occasions, the expenditure is without any consideration for the sources of payment.

However, as the pressure of the creditors mounts, the very first priority of debt counseling will be to design a way out for the debtors. Presently, there are a number of debt elimination options available in the UK, namely debt consolidation loans, debt consolidation mortgages, debt consolidation through remortgage, home equity loans and credit cards. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it will be really difficult to make a choice for one of these. Through debt counseling, borrowers can also get help during the product selection process.

Since I had a large debt load, the debt counselors suggested that I take up a debt consolidation loan. They did not force the product on me. This is one of the peculiarities of debt counseling. The debt counselor presents an impartial view of the various products. However, not all debt counselors adopt a similar view. Most of them will sell their products in the guise of debt advice. Borrowers need to stay clear of such advisors. As in medical sciences, second opinion is always beneficial during selection of debt settlement products. There are a large number of profit and non-profit agencies and individuals who provide genuine and professional advice. Some of these, like Independent Financial Advisors are bound by the rules laid down by the Financial Services Authority to offer genuine advice.

The preventive role of debt counseling is more of an advisory nature. The aim of this exercise will be to instill debt sense in the people; though this will prove a Herculean task, given the strange relationship of people with debts. The role may take the form of a face-to-face meeting with an individual, or a conference wherein a number of people are addressed at one time.

During these sessions, the debt counselor advises borrowers of ways to deal with debts. Debt consolidation loans and debt consolidation mortgages can at the best relieve individuals of debts for sometime. However, if the individual does not improve his spending habits, he will again have a large debt load. Through preventive debt counseling, the debt counselor aims to strike at the roots of the debt.

Some of the principal debt counseling tips include:
•Do not spend more than what you earn.
•If the expenditure is necessary, then a provision needs to be made for its payment.
•Every individual must prepare a priority list showing the importance of each expenditure.
•Try to generate newer sources of income.
•If a debt has been incurred, then it must be repaid with priority.

Preventive debt counseling tips are not new to people. They may have heard of them from their parents or recited them in moral science classes, but all these lessons vanish while spending. A workable debt counseling method must be practical enough to be implemented. The borrower’s finance needs to be studied exhaustively for finding an effective solution. No debt counseling is complete without the borrower’s participation. Consequently, borrowers need to tread safely on any debt decision that they make.


No Fax Payday Loans: Requires No Documentation

Financial urgencies may arise with you any time. Now, lapses of your fund in the mid of the month has become a regular phenomena with you. In time, any of new expense that is integrated to your normal life may put you into a financial hassle. Since, an instant external financial help is left as the ultimate solution at that time, No Fax Payday Loans have been devised to help you. These loans can be obtained for any of your urgent financial requirements.

No fax payday loans are instant financial helps that usually help you for a shorter period. You take this loan as to fill the gap of financial crunch till your payday and are repaid once, you get your paycheck. Generally these loans are taken for a period of 7-15 days and even for 30 days on an extension provided on your request.

No fax payday loans, as this name suggest, here, nothing is required to fax for your personal information. A simple online application form fulfilled by you can easily help you get an instant financial help here. These loans are approved very fast and the loan amount can be transferred directly in to your account even within the 24 hours.

A verifiable source of income is an essential requirement to avail this loan. For this, you have to also put a valid checking account and a social security number. Checking account is required to validate your income proof while social security number is for your personal information regarding your age, address, and contact number.

These loans are meant for little help for your day to day expenses, so, it arranges an amount in the little volume. The amount depends upon your monthly income and can be half of it. However, the general range of amount available here ranges from


Compare Mortgage Rates For Refinancing – How To Compare Lenders

The decision to refinance your mortgage will likely save you thousands of dollars. Because of falling interest rates, those who purchased their homes at a higher rate have the opportunity to take advantage of a lower monthly payment. Furthermore, refinancing makes it possible to convert an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate. There are many lenders that offer attractive refi packages. With this said, it is important to obtain quotes from multiple lenders.

Benefits of Comparing Mortgage Refi Lenders
Comparing lender offers is not mandatory. In fact, some homeowners skip this step. Nonetheless, comparing and contrasting different loan offers make it possible to obtain the best deal. Lenders offer varying rates and terms. Some mortgage lenders are only concerned about the bottom line. Hence, they may not offer the best rate.

Homebuyers who compare lender offers can easily detect potentially fraudulent companies. For example, if three lenders remit a quote with a refi rate of about 5%, and one lender offers a refi loan at 7%, the oddball lender may be attempting to take advantage of you. This occurs commonly among those with a poor credit history.

Tips for Comparing Refi Lenders
Many homeowners choose to refinance using their current mortgage lender. There are advantages and disadvantages to this option. If you maintained a good payment history, your existing lender will want to keep you as a client. This gives you the power to negotiate. Refinancing involves closing fees. If using your existing lender, it may be possible to have some fees waived, which will reduce closing costs.

On the other hand, if you did not establish a good relationship with your current lender, it may be wise to seek another lender. You may contact banks or credit unions and inquire about their refinancing loans.

It’s suggested that homeowners obtain quotes from at least four different refi lenders. Of course, requesting quotes and completing applications for different lenders takes time. However, the internet makes comparing refi offers quick and easy. Simply complete an online quote request with a mortgage broker. Upon reviewing your information, the broker will filter through refi loans and locate the best lenders for you.


Debt Consolidation Service In Birmingham

Jane was a fun loving girl from Birmingham, you could say she lived for today. She wanted all the latest fashions and gadgets and certianly was not afraid to use her credit card to pay for them.

She had a weird philosophy on life. For some reason she believed she would die before the age of thirty, however thought that if she was still alive, she would by that stage be earning lots of money. This huge wage packet would be more than enough to pay for any debts that she accrued in her late teens and twenties.

Jane was a girl who could never say no to going on holiday with her friends. There were a number of occasions where she booked a holiday when in reality she could not afford it. Never mind, I will pay for it with my credit card and worry about it at a later date, she thought.

At the age of twenty four, Jane decided to buy a car. Not just any car, or a car for somebody on her earnings but a quite expensive model. You may be wondering how she paid for this car, it was a car loan of course.

Clothes shopping and actually shopping of any kind was a weekly must do thing for Jane. She was a true friends to shop retailers and signed up with many of stores card schemes, who’s motto is buy now, pay later.

Jane had a very happy and exciting time during her late teens and twenties, however she did not die before the age of thirty. Companies started knocking at her door, asking for the debts to be repaid. Jane had loan repayments and credit card repayments coming out of her bank account on around eight different days in the month.

This was when Jane needed help and she sought the help of a debt consolidation service provider. For Jane it was now time to grow up and to live in the real world. This was very hard for her to keep track of.


Tips for Credit Card Management

The invention of credit card is so much good and helpful for the people but the credit card basically help us, when you don’t have money in your bank account and you want to buy anything which you need. So the credit card is the type of electronic money. So the credit card is a small plastic card issued by a bank, building society, etc. and allowing the card holder to purchase the services and good on credit.

Most of the people around the world use the credit card to do purchases and payment. The credit card can be used in all over the world.

There are so many people which didn’t know about how to use the effective management of credit card so that is the reason from which they have bad score in their credit report and next if they want to take loan, they can’t because first they have to show their credit card report which should have good score and good score can be affected by effectively manage of credit card use and make the payments which should be done by carefully management of your credit card.

When you done your payments on time then you will see that your credit score will improves and you can get higher amount of credit and if you don’t done your payments on time then you will see that your credit score will goes to negatively and you may not get any further credit from financial institutions. There are some of the tips which help you in effective managing of your credit card.

Plan your purchases
When you are going for buy an item or product then first, you should have to think that whether this item or product is necessary or not. You have to make a list first, then divide them into priorities and follow that list and arrange the payments, which will be paid from your credit card and pay your bills like; electricity, gas, water and etc. one thing that you should have to check is not but the too much expensive item that will exceed your monthly budget and cross your credit card limit. The best and the effective way planning your purchases in to make a list of shopping at the start of the month and strict with the list.

Check your statement
Check your credit card statement every month from which will tell you, what you spend over the month, you can also stop or control your extra spending, and this statement will also tell you what dues are remaining for the next month.

Make full payment
Make the full payment when you think it is possible, so when you pay your credit card bills on time then you will see you didn’t have to pay the interest on the billed amount, or if you pay the full payment of your credit card score will also increase or if you can’t even pay the full payment then try to pay the minimum amount within the due date.

Look the promotional offers
When you are going to buy the product so, think for one second and see if there is any discount offer be a little smarter when you are going to use your credit card check is there any offer like dinning discounts, travelling offer and etc.

You cannot only save money from this offer but you can also enjoy the variety of other exclusive privileges which will increase your experience of using your credit card. Make one more thing sure that you have to see the website from where you can get all the information about these type of offers.

Avoid cash advances
You also have a feature of withdrawing cash from your credit card it is easy, but when you withdraw cash there will be an advance cash fee charge and there is no interest free period to make these payments. So, avoid this offer and save your money.


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